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Why Choose Video?

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About Us

Whether working as your production company or operating as a white label service, the most important thing to us is the quality of the project.

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Services & Pricing

Most production companies try to avoid clear pricing. We don't. Our packages make budgeting simple and produce seamless results.


‘Talking Heads’ style interviews combined with well crafted B-roll footage

  • Embed on a website to increase your conversions
  • Distribute through social media to generate more leads
  • Promote using paid advertising to build your brand

Single Videos


Ideal for Landing Pages
1 Day Filming
1 Location
1 Speaker
Up to 1 Minute
From £950


Ideal for Social Media
1 Day Filming
1 - 2 Locations
1 - 3 Speakers
Up to 2 Minutes
From £1450


Ideal for Home Page
1 - 2 Days Filming
1 - 3 Locations
1 - 5 Speakers
Up to 4 Minutes
From £1950



3 videos
3 x Conversion
From £1950


4 videos
3 x Conversion
From £2950


7 videos
3 x Conversion
3 x Engagement
From £4950
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Short videos on a single subject that inform and engage your customers

  • Filmed with presenters against green screen
  • B-roll, background, intro, outro, graphics and music added during editing
  • Videos produced in blocks, ideal for content marketing
Packages from £1450


Promotional video filmed at a live event giving viewers a sense of the occasion

  • Highlight the benefits for participants and exhibitors
  • Thank guests for their attendance and encourage them to visit again
  • Commemorate company landmarks and celebrate key milestones
From £950


Computer generated images designed to convey complex processes in a simple format

  • Explainer videos that concisely highlight your value proposition
  • Bespoke 2D animation based on a script 
  • Particularly useful for technology companies with difficult to understand products
From £1750


We specialise in producing corporate video, however our skillset extends beyond that...

  • Music Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Feature Films
Priced on Request
All prices exclude VAT

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